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Offering Worplace Meditation and Mindfulness Leadership Training throughout Australia.

Imagine improving productivity and reducing your stress in the same breath!
It’s a relaxing thought isn’t it?

Meditation and Mindful Leadership have infiltrated the upper echelons of some of the biggest companies on earth to cultivate key leadership excellence, to succeed, make a difference and build resilience with compelling research behind it.
Arian's Testimonials

Meditation and Mindfulness is no longer the province of the spiritual seeker. The benefits have been thoroughly researched and documented by the following world class research institutions:
  • Harvard University • University of Pennsylvania • University of California
• Monash University • University of Massachusetts • Massachsetts Institute of Technology

It’s not surprising therefore, that it has been embraced by these global companies to train their minds to be more focused, to see with clarity, to have spaciousness for creativity and to feel connected.
  • Google • Facebook • Target
• The World Bank • General Mill • Mircrosoft


"Research shows that to be an outstanding leader, emotional compentencies make up 80-100% of an outstanding leader"

            ~Daniel Goleman. Author Emotional Intelligence


WorkSpace Meditation™ Melbourne, applies the time-honored principles of Mindfulness & Meditation for the 21st Century Workplace. Our clients are aware that it's not enough to attract talent - you've got to retain and sustain that talent. 

Learn essential tools using emotional intelligence, an evidence based approach that can significantly boost accuracy, cognitive and intellectual performance for an ongoing competitive edge. Alert, enthusiastic, balanced employees can quite literally transform a business from the inside out. 

If your organisation is wanting standard training, know there are numerous operators in the market who provide just that and, compete on price. 

Our workshop content and delivery is often referred to as innovative, the future of Meditation and Mindful Leadership and is highly regarded in the industry and corporate world.




'Why do we need Mindful Leadership? '
When you are mindful of this moment, you are present for your life and your experience just as it is ...
not as you hoped it would be.
not as you expected it would be.
not seeing more or less than what is here.
not with judgements that can lead you to a conditioned reaction
... but for exactly what is here, as it unfolds, meeting each moment with equanimity'`

 ~Janice Marturano. Founder, Institute for Mindful Leadership.

Share our vision for a conscious, resilient and proactive workspace by calling us today, then sit  back, relaxed and begin enjoying the benefits of a new work-life balance.

Curious and want to get started?
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Arian Young

Arian Young,
a former Buddhist Nun with 30+ years of Mindfulness & Meditation experience, 15 years in the Oriental & Intuitive Arts and a Wellness & Spiritual Counsellor who will calm, soothe and inspire.

• Dip.Acu (USA)
* Cert IV Train & Assess
Centred Counselling
Field Therapy

Member MAA; SIA


Ph 1300 020 030
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